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Jack Z not looking for a flash in the pan for the Mariners

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The Seattle Mariners are looking for all sorts of ways to improve their team this off-season, but none of those improvements will likely involve any short-term fixes. Seattle finished last in the American League West in 2012.

Brian Kersey

The 2012 season was another disappointing one for Seattle Mariners fans, but that doesn't mean that Eric Wedge or general manager Jack Zduriencik will be looking for any short-term fixes this off-season.

Speaking on the "Hot Stove League Show," both Wedge and Zduriencik shared their thoughts.

Here is what Wedge had to say on the situation, via

"To be a true championship team and sustain that level of championship play you have got to stick to your guns right now," Wedge said. "Yeah, you want to add to it and you might even make a trade but that trade has got to make sense and not take away from what you have been doing."

Meanwhile, Zduriencik has been in discussions with a number of high-profile free agents, but isn't planning on making any drastic moves. That likely includes holding onto top pitching prospects like Taijuan Walker in trades, and instead pursuing players via free agency.

Here is Zduriencik on what's happened during free agency, also via

"I had a lot of discussions this afternoon and morning. I can't make any promises because who knows where some of this will go," Zduriencik said.

But regardless of what kind of moves Seattle makes, it does seem like some type of changes are necessary.

The Mariners finished just 75-87 overall in 2012 and 19 games back of Oakland in the AL West. They also had the American League's worst offense, with a team batting average of just .234.