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In A Shocking Development, Real Salt Lake And Seattle Sounders Head To Half At 0-0

The Seattle Sounders and Real Salt Lake have played to three consecutive 0-0 draws, so it should be little surprise that in the pivotal second leg of the Western Conference semifinals neither team has managed to break the stalemate after the opening forty-five minutes. RSL has had the better of the chances, but in the context of the first half that's not saying much; as expected, this has been a cagey affair, with neither team giving the opposition much in the way of openings.

Perhaps the biggest factor so far has been a brisk, 20 MPH wind; both corners and aerial crosses have given defenders, goalkeepers and attackers alike more than a bit of trouble, and given how evenly matched these sides have been both tonight and throughout the season it would be little surprise if the deciding factor was some kind of fluke of nature. Also worth keeping an eye on is the way referee Chris Penso manages the game; in a game that has been physical throughout, it would be little surprise if someone steps over the line at some point. With extra time looking a distinct possibility, that could prove to be too much to overcome.