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Pete Carroll mic'd up for NFL Films

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is known to be one of the more interesting and animated NFL coaches, and he proved to be just that when he was mic'd up for NFL Films last week against the Vikings.

The segment includes plenty of Carroll exuberance and fist pumps, but also gives a great inside look at the coach during the game. Minnesota's Adrian Peterson ran for 182 yards against Seattle, something Carroll was worried about before kickoff. Carroll told Seahawks' owner Paul Allen the team's biggest challenge would be tackling Peterson.

Seattle didn't get off to a very good start as Peterson broke a 74-yard run on the second play of the game. A run which prompted Carroll to ask, "what the hell was that?" Following the run, Carroll takes some time to coach up linebacker Mike Morgan and Bruce Irvin.

The rest of the segment includes plenty of excitement and coaching. The funniest part probably comes as Carroll attempts to break down the blocking assignment with Marshawn Lynch. While Carroll specifies what each lineman will be doing and where the hole should be, Lynch repeats that he will "just read it." Finally, Carroll relents and laughs telling Lynch to make sure to read it right.

The mic'd up appearance concludes with Carroll's postgame locker room speech where he tells the team to continue doing what they have been doing and stresses the importance of the upcoming game against New York.