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Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch, Mike Robinson on NFL Turning Point

The Seattle Seahawks rely heavily on their run game each week. Rookie quarterback Russell Wilson has shown he is capable of winning a game late with his arm, but coach Pete Carroll has made a conscious effort to run the football with power and effectiveness all season long.

Marshawn Lynch and Mike Robinson, who are two starters for the Seahawks, recently went on NFL Turning Point and broke down film of how the team likes to operate. SB Nation's terrific Seahawks blog, Field Gulls, noted a few of the more interesting things said during the segment.

Interestingly, Marshawn repeatedly refers to Robinson as 'his eyes' throughout the video, noting that he trusts Mike Rob to help lead him to daylight. As Robinson puts it - "you read it like a runner - that's why he calls me his 'eyes', because we're supposed to see the same thing."

Another point of emphasis for the Seahawks, and something that I never noticed either, is that on the snap, Robinson and Lynch's footwork ("feetwork" as per Lynch) should be lockstep -- 'like they're on a string,' as Robinson notes.

It's impressive these two have as much chemistry as they do. Few teams still employ a regular fullback in the NFL, but Seattle clearly uses one to gain an advantage.

Lynch has rushed for 881 yards and four touchdowns through nine games this season and could be on his way to a Pro Bowl nomination. If Seattle hopes to reach the playoffs this season, Lynch is going to have to keep feeding off Robinson and his offensive line to put up big numbers the rest of the way.