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NFL Picks, Week 10: A whirlwind tour of this weekend's matchups

Chris Trotman

I won more games last week (12) than minutes I spent writing the column (10). HA! Vic-TORE-EEEEEEEE!!!!!

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville: The once-moribund Colts are now 5-3 and talking playoffs. Think anyone would be interested in a possible, oh I don't know, Denver-Indy game? Think execs at CBS/FOX/whoever have slept since that possibility occurred to them? Well if the Colts want to get there, this is type of game they must win. PICK: COLTS

Jets @ Seattle: Seahawks stay at home to face a team that is sort of a lesser Vikings in a lot of ways. I think the plan was that Ponder could be Sanchez-lite, but really, Jets fans have to be hoping that the Sanchize finds a way to be Ponderish. And they want to run, run, and run, but Shonn Greene is as much AP as I'm Cee-Lo Green. I think Seattle's physicality and precision punch the Jets in the teeth. PICK: SEATTLE

NY Giants @ Cincinnati: Since trouncing the 49ers, the Giants have had three games decided by less than 5 points. But they're still 6-3 with no bad losses. Cincinasty just doesn't have that "dangerous underdog" vibe. This is not shaping up like a week for the upset. PICK: GIANTS

Tennessee @ Miami: Miami is .500, which on one level is something of a positive, as they were fairly, I don't know, what does a wet tissue ripping sound like? phhffffftttt....? But dig a little deeper. They took a week 1 trouncing, with a rookie QB at the hands of the almighty Texans. Since then, they've dropped three more, all by three points, twice in overtime. Teams that can throw it will beat them (433 yards!), but if you rely on the run, it's going to be a battle. I'm watching this game, as I think Miami is going to be a bit of a threshold game for the Hawks. Tennessee probably can't capitalize. PICK: DOLPHINS

Detroit @ Minnesota: The Battle of the Last Two Teams to Face the Seahawks. Gotta be the Detroit right? PICK: LIONS

Buffalo @ New England: Pattys hung 52 on Buffalo, in Buffalo (or Toronto? Do they still get to play games actually IN Buffalo anymore?) and now get to try again. New England has had a bye week to get all healed up, so I don't expect much drama in this one. PICK: PATRIOTS

Atlanta @ New Orleans: Bet the over. PICK: FALCONS

San Diego @ Tampa Bay: I haven't done the math, but I'm willing to bet I have the worst pick record on TB's games. But they have rolled some people up as of late, and Doug Martin appears to be hard to get a hand on these days, like literally. The Chargers showed a bit of life last week, but have they become gun shy? The came out confident and bullied the Chiefs around, but is that because they know they can? San Diego needs an identity. They've probably needed one since Lights Out left. PICK: BUCS

Denver @ Carolina: I really think Carolina is going to put together a couple of good wins very soon. I've said it often, they are better than their record. I'm picking the Broncos because they are truly, very very good, but I can't say I'll be surprised when the Panthers give them all they can handle. PICK: BRONCOS

Oakland @ Baltimore: The Ravens are sort of the anti-Panthers, where I think they're worse than their record. But that's where veteran leadership makes its money. I think they probably have enough to get past Oakland at home however. Tough games lie ahead though. PICK: RAVENS

Dallas @ Philadelphia: Somebody's season is over after this one right, at 3-6? Everything about the matchup on paper screams Philly wins, except they simply cannot win a damn game these days. Their last win was in September. I think Dallas gets to fight on, as long as their defense takes advantage of the Eagles are giving away these days, namely turnovers and scoring opportunities. PICK: COWBOYS

St. Louis @ San Francisco: This one won't be easy for the Rams. PICK: 49ERS

Houston @ Chicago: Chicago's defense is a bad mamma-jamma, no doubt. But, the Texans are a bit of a reckoning for this team. They will take care of the ball, and the Bears offense is not up to the task of taking on Houston's D. PICK: TEXANS

Kansas City @ Pittsburgh: For the first time in a while, the Steelers seem a little susceptible to playing down to the level of their opponents, something we haven't seen from them in a while. They're (mostly) winning, but the games are close, and often could go either way. Fortunately for them, KC's level is too low for Pitt to get to. PICK: STEELERS