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Vikings vs. Seahawks 2012: Seahawks shine while the Vikings struggle

Seattle's only tarnish on an otherwise beautiful win might be allowing Adrian Peterson 182 yards of rushing, including a 10.7 yard per carry average.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Both the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings came into yesterday's tilt at CenturyLink Field desperately needing a win to keep pace with their respective division leaders and in the wild card race. After giving up a 74 yard run to Adrian Peterson, it didn't look good for the Seahawks. But outside of a big day for one player, the Seatle played what could be considered their finest game of the year, beating the Vikings 30-20. They limited Christian Ponder to just 63 passing yards while he completed a mere 50 percent of his passes.

For Joey Rebbe at Field Gulls, one of the most encouraging things was the Seahawks response to Peterson nearly taking it to the house on the first drive.

Seattle was hitting Minnesota players really, really, really, hard. Fans everywhere were cringing regularly. Earl Thomas was pissed off, smacking AP all day. Kam and Sherm both put the hurt on AP and Harvin. Brandon Mebane and Red Bryant consistently took naps on Christian Ponder. I think Gus Bradley may have had some choice words for the team after Peterson broke off that huge run, because I haven't seen that kind of vicious hitting in a while. And it was awesome.

As you'd expect, the fellas at Daily Norseman weren't particularly pleased with their team's performance. Despite Ponder's poor performance, Christopher Gates says there's no point in benching him because there's no one behind him who can do any better.

Unfortunately, there really isn't a change right now that is going to make a ton of difference. No, not even benching Christian Ponder for Joe Webb. If people want to go around believe that it will, that's fine. That's their right. I disagree with it and, quite frankly, I'm through making the argument with people about it. Everyone knew this team was either going to sink or swim with Christian Ponder this season, and that's what's happening.

The Seahawks stay at home next Sunday to face the New York Jets as they look to strengthen their position in the NFC Wild Card race.