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NCAA Football Rankings, Week 11: Oregon Ducks stay No. 2 in AP Poll

The Oregon Ducks held strong in the AP Poll following their big road win over USC. Oregon State is 13th, while Washington received a handful of votes.

Robert Laberge

There was not a whole lot of movement in this week's AP Poll. Despite the nation's top-four teams all receiving a bit of a scare on Saturday, all of them managed to pull out the victory late.

The Alabama Crimson Tide remained in the top spot. It looked like Alabama was on their way to having their perfect season ended on Saturday night, but a late comeback against LSU kept them No. 1 in the country. The Oregon Ducks held strong at No. 2 in the AP Poll following a convincing win over USC.

Kansas State remained third after beating Oklahoma State, although all eyes are now on quarterback Collin Klein and his concussion. Notre Dame nearly lost to unranked Pittsburgh, but they ended up pulling out a win in overtime. Ohio State and Georgia both moved up to fifth and are currently tied in votes. The Buckeyes are ineligible for postseason play.

The rest of the top 10 is made up of Florida, Florida State, LSU and Clemson.

The Oregon St. Beavers remained No. 13 in the AP following a win over Arizona State. The Washington Huskies were among a group of teams that received votes, although it was not enough to put them in the top 25.

The full AP Poll can be found here.