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Earl Thomas fined for roughing-the-passer penalty against Ryan Tannehill

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A penalty the Seahawks thought shouldn't have been called has ended up resulting in a fine.

Stephen Brashear

Apparently the penalty Seahawks safety Earl Thomas received for a hit on Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill was legitimate after all.

Just to refresh your memory: In Sunday's contest against the Dolphins, with the Seahawks leading, rookie linebacker Bobby Wagner picked off a pass in the end zone that could have potentially sealed the game for Seattle. Instead, the play was negated by a roughing-the-passer penalty called against the airborne safety Earl Thomas for a seemingly unavoidable hit on Tannehill.

"It just looked wrong," Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said regarding the call. "A very big call to make when the guy wasn't intending to hit the quarterback or anything like that."

Well, not only was the penalty deemed legit, it drew a $15,000 fine on the third-year safety.

The 6-5 Seahawks travel to Chicago this weekend to face the Bears.