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Marquess Wilson reportedly "basically" recants on Mike Leach abuse claims

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WSU coach reveals in end-of-season presser that Wilson has backtracked on accusations.

Stephen Dunn

Some interesting news came out of Washington State head coach Mike Leach's end-of-season press conference. According to the Cougars/ first-year head coach, ex-wideout Marquess Wilson has "basically recanted" his abuse claims against the coach.

Caple went on to add in a reply to a follower that Leach didn't elaborate any further but that he said "we'd have to wait for the review to come out."

Wilson left the team prior to the UCLA game claiming he and others had been "physically, mentally and emotionally abused" by the coach.

Following Wilson's claims, both the school and the Pac-12 began investigations into his accusations, but no determination from those investigations has been made public at this time. If Leach's comments are accurate, it will be interesting to see what Wilson's response is.