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Mike Holmgren officially leaves Browns; next moves still up in the air

Holmgren is heading home to decide what he'll do next.

Gregory Shamus

Former Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren will soon be the former president of the Cleveland Browns as well. Holmgren had planned on staying for the rest of the season in Cleveland, but will step down as president of the team this week.

Holmgren said the decision was made after weeks of meeting with the new owner, Jimmy Haslam, and the team's chief executive officer Joe Banner. Holmgren says he'll go home to Arizona to decide what his next move will be, including whether he'll ever coach in the NFL again. He denies he's interested in coaching the Dallas Cowboys.

Holmgren spent 10 seasons at the helm of the Seahawks, leading them to five straight playoff appearances from 2003 to 2007, including a Super Bowl XL appearance after their 2005 NFC Championship. Holmgren spent the previous seven seasons before joining the Seahawks as the Green Bay Packers head coach, a tenure that included a win in Super Bowl XXXI over the New England Patriots.