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Washington State recruiting: Cougars land big lineman

The Cougars have needed help up front and will get it from a big offensive lineman from Lynden.


One of the Washington St. Cougars problems this year and in previous seasons was a porous offensive line. Earlier this month, head coach Mike Leach looked to help remedy that problem when he picked up a commitment from Lynden offensive lineman Matt Meyers. The Cougars need some serious help on the offensive line and part of the problem is with the current system. As Kyle Rancourt at CougCenter explains, it's the different preference in offensive lineman types between Leach and former head coach Paul Wulff.

Whereas Paul Wulff would have targeted undersized athletic kids, possibly TEs or DEs, and had them bulk up, Leach like his guys much larger. Not that one way is right and one is wrong, just that there's a noticeable difference in the size of the linemen coming out of high school than in years past.

Meyers also held offers from the Eastern Washington Eagles and the North Dakota. Meyers stands at 6'6 tall and 290 pounds so he's already a big kid coming out of high school. As Rancourt notes, evaluating offensive lineman is always tough and Meyers will likely redshirt but the fact that he's already this big is an encouraging sign. The Cougars will only be losing one starter to graduation; senior offensive tackle Wade Jacobson who started for two years at WSU.