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Seattle Marathon 2012 results: Uli Steidl wins for ninth time

The 40-year old hasn't run the race since 2006 and decided to do so just a day before.

Sandra Mu

It had been six years since Uli Steidl had run in the Seattle Marathon but he picked up right where he left off. Steidl won his ninth Seattle Marathon, this one in a time of 2:28.26. Steidl competed in the Twin Cities Marathon at the beginning of October and had been taking a break since then. He didn't even sign up for the Seattle Marathon until the day before the race. Despite the late registration, Steidl still edged out 26-year old Evan Blanshan by almost two minutes; Blanshan finished in 2:30.18.

Former Ohio State cross country runner, 26-year old Kristen Carter won the women's side with a time of 2:47.06. Carter also won the Whidbey Island Marathon earlier this year and qualified for the Olympic Trials. The closest finisher to Carter was 44-year old Susan Empey who finished almost three minutes behind in a time of 2:49.58. In third was 32-year old Lauren Matthews, finishing in a time of 2:51.47.