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Washington coach Steve Sarkisian on Arkansas fans' wish list?

Are the Razorbacks targeting Steve Sarkisian to be their next head coach? Arkansas fans seem to hope so.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

When the Arkansas Razorbacks named John L. Smith their interim head coach for the year after parting ways with Bobby Petrino, the rumors of names for a long-term replacement began to fly. One rumor even included Seahawks' coach Pete Carroll.

It appears the Razorbacks -- or at least the rumor mill -- could be eyeing the Pacific Northwest for yet another candidate, none other than Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian.

The folks at seem to think Sark may be headed their way - at least, they're hoping so:

So if all the reports are true this may be our guy. Hear me out. In the spring it was reported that JL was in Washington talking to someone. We all assumed it was Carrol but what are the possibilities that he was meeting with Sark instead. Also he falls in line with the new "sources" saying that we will have our guy this weekend. He is done Friday night after the Washington St. game. Listen I am not saying I am for him, but he has some guys on his staff with SEC experience and if her brought them in along with keeping Holt as the DL coach we could have a pretty young dynamic staff.

Now, it is worth noting, at this point we are simply dealing with message board fodder. However, SB Nation's Arkansas site Arkansas Expats does list Sarkisian in their "next head coach" tracker.

Interestingly, former Huskies' defensive coordinator Nick Holt has spent the 2012 season in a support role with the Arkansas staff.