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Washington vs. Cal: Huskies still struggling, tied, 7-7, at half against lowly Bears

The Washington Huskies were lucky to lead the California Golden Bears after a sloppy first quarter, but they weren't so fortunate in the second quarter. The Huskies' listless play caught up to them as the Bears finally found the end zone to tie the game at 7-7 going into halftime.

Bishop Sankey put UW in front with a four-yard touchdown run in the first quarter and has continued to be the Huskies' workhorse with 124 yards on 18 carries, but it hasn't been enough. Keith Price is just 10 for 20 for 138 yards and an interception, which came in the red zone. Add in two failed fourth-down conversions and it is easy to see where Sankey's good work has gone to waste.

Cal tied the game late in the half thanks to Chris Harper, who has been their most explosive player tonight, and maybe their only explosive player. His touchdown came on a 14-yard touchdown run, but he also has four catches for 74 yards on the evening.