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College GameDay picks: Lee Corso, young boy pick Oregon over Stanford [PHOTO]

The GameDay crew took over Eugene this morning. The guest picker was a 5-year-old boy who brought his own headgear.

Jonathan Ferrey

Oh, College GameDay. Just when we think there isn't anything new you can do to liven up our Saturday mornings, you surprise us. As the crew took over Eugene to preview tonight's Oregon vs. Stanford showdown, the show included a young boy as the guest picker, Lee Corso calling someone a midget and TWO different sets of head gear.

Braden, a young Ducks fan who made his GameDay debut last year, was the guest picker. He did surprisingly well and brought big laughs from Corso and Kirk Herbstreit. After making a pick Corso wasn't so sure about, he broke out his classic, "Not so fast..." line, but with a twist.

Then came time to pick the Oregon-Stanford game. Braden picked the Ducks, and then one-upped Corso with some homemade headgear.


Corso agreed with Braden this time. He put on Puddles The Duck's head, and then brought a live duck onto the set.


It was a good start to one of the final football weekends of the year.