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Seattle NBA, NHL Arena conceptual plans released

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The plans to bring a new arena to Seattle took a step forward on Friday.


The quest to build a new arena to potentially house an NBA and NHL franchise has been a long one, but Friday did bring some exciting news. As reported earlier, the conceptual plans for the new arena were released today. They are not the final designs, although they are supposed to mirror what could be built in the coming years.

The designs were done by 360 Architecture. They are currently working for investor Chris Hansen, who is the driving force behind all of this in Seattle.

A quick look at the photo gallery made a few things stand out. For one, the arena is huge. It almost resembles an old-school college football stadium with how round it is, and it would undoubtably be a big draw to both professional teams and entertainers looking to fill an arena. One of the slides shows there would be a built-in practice facility in the west wing, which would be a nice luxury for the players.

What do you think of the conceptual plans? Let us know in the comments section below.