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NFL Picks, Week 11: Juggernauting, Like All Damn Day

Grant Halverson

How do I record a tie? No sport should ever be able to end in a tie, that's bogus. Keep playing, or pick an arbitrary aspect of the game and settle that way, like soccer does (sometimes). NO MORE TIES! NO MORE TIES! NO MORE TIES!!

On to the Week 11 picks:

Miami @ Buffalo -These two teams each do one thing well: Buffalo can run it, Miami can stop the run. Everything else is total crap. So expect this to be a ever so slightly less than thrilling tilt. Despite coming off a dismantling at the hands of the Titans, I think Miami has enough to pull this out. Buffalo just isn't very good. And not that they look good on paper, but somehow they are less than the sum of their parts. PICK: DOLPHINS

Arizona @ Atlanta - The Falcons have lost pick-them-till-they-lose status, because they, you know, lost. But I'm not sure that was their worst game of the year. And Arizona's once vaunted defense has started to show cracks. Either way, on the road against Atlanta is not the place to snap a 5 game losing streak. PICK: FALCONS

Cleveland @ Dallas - Since their bye, the Cowboys are 2-5, but I question how bad they've really been. All three losses were to very good teams in Baltimore, New York and Atlanta, and it was by a combined 13 points. They took care of business against Carolina and Philadelphia. I think it's becoming pretty clear they squarely in the middle of the pack in the NFL, and they consistently play like it. So since a home game against the Browns is a game they should win, they probably will. PICK: COWBOYS

Green Bay @ Detroit - The thought that Green Bay is hurt by the bye week is really such a trap. How is it byes help bad teams and hurt good teams? That seem inconsistent to me. I get that teams can acquire (or lose) momentum, but a huge component to momentum in the NFL is talent. The Packers have plenty of that. PICK: PACKERS

Cincinnati @ Kansas City - Oh Kansas City, I feel for you guys. Damn, six in a row? You're better than this. I think you get it done this week. PICK: CHIEFS

Philadelphia @ Washington - I'm torn on this one. My gut is screaming Redskins. I mean, it's Nick Foles. But I also think Philly is sort of due for a dead cat bounce. Coupled with Washington's impotent pass rush, Foles just might get all day to wing it around. PICK: THE DEAD CAT

Tampa Bay @ Carolina - A rematch of week 1, and two teams whose results have diverged somewhat radically from expectations. Tampa has really played some good football the last 5 weeks, while Carolina has kind of been better than their record, but ultimately disappointing. Tampa can be beat by teams that can throw the ball, but I'm not so sure Cam Newton's pissy toddler act won't preclude him from succeeding, even when the opportunity is handed to him. I think the Bucs keep rolling, but in a close game. PICK: BUCS

Jacksonville @ Houston - These two teams are not in the same class. And overpaying for Tim Tebow this offseason won't help the Jags either. PICK: TEXANS

NY Jets @ St. Louis - So far, the Jets have yet to score an offensive touchdown against the NFC West, and have been outscored by a total of 52-7. Normally that type of futility would elicit sympathy from me, but HA REX RYAN!!! HA HA HA! PICK: RAM RULES

New Orleans @ Oakland - Sometimes, you just gotta do what feels right. PICK: SAINTS

San Diego @ Denver - The Broncos are juggernauting, like all damn day. San DiAHgo just doesn't have the game these days. PICK: BRONCOS.

Indianapolis @ New England - This will be a tough one for the Colts, no matter who their quarterback is. The Patriots are really tough in nearly every facet of the game. That being said, they seem to play down to the level of their opponent at times, and an aggressive defense can give them fits. Still, they've lost three games by a total of 4 points. Good teams take care of business. PICK: PATTYS

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh - This is why picking games on a Thursday is hard: what's up with Big Ben? If he doesn't play, I don't think the Steelers have much of a chance. Let's assume Byron Leftwich plays, and let's also assume he still has a delivery longer than a John Bonham drum solo. PICK: RAVENS

Chicago @ San Francisco - Again, Thursday morning. Smith looks like a go, Cutler a no-go. That gives the edge to the Niners. PICK: 49ERS