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Jerramy Stevens, Hope Solo saga: Details continue to emerge

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More details are beginning to emerge in the Jerramy Stevens and Hope Solo saga. Stevens was released and not charged on a count of fourth-degree assault.

Jared Wickerham

More details are beginning to emerge in the disturbing Jerramy Stevens case which involved United States women's national superstar goalie Hope Solo. Here is the latest report from Nick Eaton and Casey McNerthney of the Seattle Post.

Stevens and Solo were planning to get married on Tuesday, but Stevens was arrested after a Monday morning incident in Kirkland. Stevens was arrested after Marcus Solo (Hope's brother) had to use a stun gun to fight off a group of males not invited to a house party. Both Marcus (bruised eye) and Hope (lacerated elbow) seemed to have several surface wounds.

At the house, police found Stevens sleeping on a bedroom floor. Stevens denied assaulting Solo despite there being dried blood on his shirt, but did say the two had been in an argument about where the two would live after their marriage (Florida or Washington). Police arrested him on suspicion of fourth-degree assault, although the charges were dismissed in court as the judge found "zero" evidence to indicate any such incident.

Read the full report from Eaton and McNerthney here.