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Seahawks beat Jets: New York's Rex Ryan, players react

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There wasn't much for Rex Ryan to be happy about following the New York Jets' 28-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

He got to stand in pouring down rain at CenturyLink Field in Seattle and watch his team drop their third straight to rest at the bottom of the AFC East with the Buffalo Bills. With the loss, the Jets' limited playoff window took an even bigger hit, he told the News Tribune after the loss.

I mean I don't know how many more losses you want to spot somebody before you think you can make the playoffs. It's about a 2% chance of making the playoffs or something like that with a record that we have but again were going to take that shot.

The Jets offense has struggled all year. They have a point differential of -53 and Ryan took out quarterback Mark Sanchez at one point for a drive featuring repeated uses of quarterback Tim Tebow. Sanchez finished with just 124 yards and an interception on 9-for-22 attempts. He finished with his second lowest quarterback rating of the year, at 40.7.

Despite his quarterback's troubles, Ryan doesn't predict a shakeup coming any time soon. As he points out, the Jets' problems can hardly be pinned on one player's shoulder pads.

Again I know this is a common theme but if it was on one guy it's easy to fix. But it's much more. We have had protection breakdown, there are dropped passes, guys aren't getting open - there are other things involved in it. But again, yes we will stick with Mark and we know he has to get better and everybody around him has to get better - coaches, players, everybody.

Despite the uphill battle, the Jets refuse to quit, or at least their words to the media would suggest so. Sanchez still believes the team still has a playoff run in them.

No question. That is the most frustrating thing because are missing opportunities and we have them right there. We have opportunities to make plays. Its my job to do everything right and put us in the right position and not hurt our team.. I know we have the talent, I know we have the coaching, it's just a matter of executing and making good decisions.

Still, with seven games left crazier things have happened in the NFL. Whether or not the Jets can right the ship remains to be seen. But if they are able to do that a different team needs to show up than the one that showed up in Seattle on Sunday.