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Seahawks vs. Jets: Seattle's players react to victory

After dominating the New York Jets in every facet of the game, the Seattle Seahawks' players had plenty to say about the 28-7 win on Sunday at The Link. One of the more encouraging factors was the play of rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, who continues to impress with his maturity and on-field presence.

He's also showed good decision-making in the relatively new scheme that uses a read-option style of play. Wilson talked to The News Tribune about its effectiveness and what it means to the success of the offense:

"In terms of the read option, it makes it tough on the defense because people are spread out. The goal is to hand it off to Marshawn; give the ball to him and let him make the play and get a big gain. Once I carry the football, I'm just trying to get 5, 10 yards and make a positive play out of it, be smart and get down. A couple of them, I was able to get loose and get more than just 5 or 10 yards; I think a 20 yarder maybe, or whatever. Another one to continue the drive on. I think that's big for us to be able to change it up in terms of our run looks. Coach Cable and Coach Bevell do a tremendous job of giving us great looks in practice, and getting us ready."

The read-option has contributed to the success of the Seahawks' seventh-ranked rushing offense. The ability to involve Marshawn Lynch often allows the Seahawks' leading rusher to do what he does best, as well as open up the passing game.

Speaking of the passing game, the receivers have benefited from the success of the run, and that was clear on Sunday against the Jets. Wide receiver Sidney Rice spoke about the success that he and fellow wideout Golden Tate have had as the the team opens up the playbook:

"We just have more opportunities. We said we were going to take some shots into the end zone, and that's what we've been doing. Golden Tate has been making some great plays down the sideline getting in the end zone, bubble screens, or whatever we may have. But we're throwing the ball in the end zone now, and that's what happens when you have a receiver that can make plays and a quarterback that can move out of the pocket and find people."

The Seahawks have a bye in Week 11 and are currently second in the NFC West behind the San Francisco 49ers.

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