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NCAA Football Rankings, Week 12: Oregon jumps to No. 1

Oregon fills the void left by Alabama, rising to the top spot in the USA Today Coaches Poll.

Thearon W. Henderson

There is a new team atop the USA Today Coaches Poll. The Oregon Ducks are the nation's new No. 1, following Alabama's loss and Oregon's 59-17 win over the California Golden Bears. With Alabama out of the picture, it would seem to dismiss concerns that Oregon could be left out of the BCS National Championship Game should they finish undefeated.

The Ducks are joined by four other Pac-12 teams in the poll, starting with the 8-2 Stanford Cardinal, who check in at No. 13 following their win over Oregon St. on Saturday. UCLA is No. 16, immediately followed by Oregon St. USC is the top three-loss team at No. 21.

The entire USA Today Coaches Poll is below:

1. Oregon
2. Kansas State
3. Notre Dame
4. Georgia
5. Alabama
6. Florida State
7. Florida
8. LSU
9. Clemson
10. Texas A&M
11. South Carolina
12. Oklahoma
13. Stanford
14. Nebraska
15. Texas
16. UCLA
17. Oregon State
18. Louisville
19. La. Tech
20. Rutgers
21. USC
22. Boise State
23. Michigan
24. Oklahoma State
25. Texas Tech