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Seahawks win? Psh, let's talk about Tebow! Not really though.

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Watching the Seahawks win is always super fun. You get so high on winning that your body actually starts to produce it's own Hawksoprine!


The Jets came into Centurylink Field as one of two or three teams that make headlines for seemingly anything. I've never liked them, and watching them fall to my favorite team was great. 28-7, and it could have been even worse, everything is peachy right now!

I'll give you all a chance to shout out questions and things, and do my best to answer. Go!

"What did you like?"

The Seahawks defense looked back in top form, holding the Jets to just 185 total yards. New York ran 50 plays on the day and all but a handful were covered by the Hawks' defense. Three turnovers forced helped Seattle win the turnover battle; one of those, a Richard Sherman interception at the goal line, helped the defensive unit keep its shutout entact.

"What surprised you?"

Russell Wilson finding success throwing the ball. Rex Ryan coached defenses had previously held rookie quarterbacks to a 1:8 touchdown to interception ratio; on Sunday Wilson was 12/19 for 188 with 2 touchdowns thrown to no picks. Their were moments in the game were the young quarterback actually looked pretty flustered for the first time since week 1 at Arizona, getting stripped two times - one for the Jets only touchdown - was unusual for Wilson, but he was able to pick it up in the second half, helping the Seahawks pull away in the fourth quarter.

"Tebow is unstoppable!"

Tim Tebow completed all his throws, for an incredible total of 8 yards. Jets opponents will surely need to keep spending valuable time preparing for this guy.

"THERE he is! Sidney!"

Much has been made of Sidney Rice's talent, injury issues, and contract; he has now caught 4 touchdowns in the last three football games, and is reminding everyone exactly how good he can be at beating a defense deep. Moving forward this will be something to watch, as the Hawks run game should continue to create opportunities over the top.

"And him TOO?!"

You mean Golden Tate? He continued his increased production, catching and throwing for one more touchdown than opposing QB Mark Sanchez. (Side note: Does anyone think Pete chuckles now about that whole "Pete says you're not ready to go pro" "Oh well I'm in the championship game, HAH!" thing these days? He looks like a terrible quarterback).

"One thing you didn't like so much?"

The Seahawks continue to let teams hang around a bit longer than they really should. A terribly over-rated Jets team was left to enter the locker room down only 7 points, instead of what probably should have been 14, maybe even 21.

Tough teams will take advantage of continued opportunities, especially on the road, where the Seahawks will likely be, should they make the playoffs. This team will have to continue to work on clamping down earlier in games when given the chance.

"Anything else you want to say about the game?"

Yeah one thing; I want to give some props to Darrell Bevell. He has been a hot topic for weeks at a time here and there during this season, but has come up smelling like a bag of roses lately. Between working in a few gimmicky wide receiver throwing plays, and some solid read options for Russell, this offense has seemed much more lively as of late.

I get as frustrated as anyone when this team is struggling, but we must throw the guy a bone (hurry, before he's in the doghouse again!) for mixing it up and keeping the offense fresh to death.

"Is it true you still sleep with stuffed animals??"

What?! WHERE'D YOU HEAR THAT?!? Alright that's it, this press conference is over!!

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