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Seahawks vs. Jets: Seattle defense still strong, keeps 14-7 lead after three quarters

The Seattle Seahawks' defense is still putting a beating on the New York Jets' offense at rainy CenturyLink Field. Even with the Seahawks' offense struggling to put much together, Seattle is still in control and leading 14-7 thanks to their defense, which has yet to allow a score.

The Seahawks went in front on their first drive, but gave the lead back when the Jets returned a Russell Wilson fumble for a touchdown. Marshawn Lynch put Seattle back in front in the second quarter and from there, it was all about watching the defense go to work.

The Jets have just 153 yards of total offense and have turned the ball over twice. They are 2-for-10 on third down and have failed in their only fourth down attempt. Mark Sanchez is 7-for-18 passing for just 87 yards and an interception, which is good for a 31.5 passer rating. No matter what New York tries, it has failed and that is because the Seattle defense is on the other side of the ball to shut down whatever is thrown at them.