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Seahawks vs. Jets: Marshawn Lynch puts Seattle in front 14-7 at halftime

The Seattle Seahawks and New York Jets offenses still aren't going to remind anyone of the Greatest Show on Turf, but that is fine for Seattle. They have managed just enough offense to take a 14-7 halftime lead and their defense still hasn't allowed a point so all is well for the home fans at CenturyLink Field.

Seattle came out flying, scoring on their first drive, but their offense went to sleep after that. They struggled to move the ball and gave up a touchdown when Russell Wilson was sacked and fumbled, allowing Muhammad Wilkerson to run the ball back for six.

The Seahawks' offense found some life again in the middle of the second quarter with some help from the Jets, who muffed a punt and allowed them to take over at the New York 47. From there, Seattle got a few short passes from Wilson and four carries from Marshawn Lynch, the last of which saw him go one yard into the endzone to put the Seahawks in front 14-7.

The two teams have still combined for just 246 total yards and have two turnovers apiece so this isn't a shootout by any means. That isn't a problem for the Seahawks, though. They're happy with this as long as their defense continues to shut down the Jets.

It could be a nets Jets offense in the second half, one led by Tim Tebow. Mark Sanchez is just five of 14 for 67 yards and an interception. At this point, it might be time for Tebow, if only be default.