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Oregon vs. Cal 2012: Yet another blowout victory for the Ducks

It seems like every week is the same, and that's because it is. The Oregon Ducks are 10-0 and continue to put up astronomical offensive numbers against whatever team shows up on their schedule. On Saturday, it was the California Golden Bears, and the Ducks blew them out the water like so many of the others, to the tune of 59-17.

Addicted to Quack enjoyed their view of the demolition.

"With the Number One ranking on the line, the Oregon Ducks did what they needed to do..."

That they did. But it came at a price, as both Kenjon Barner and Marcus Mariota missed time during the game due to injury, and both Taylor Hart and Avery Patterson were knocked out of the game on defense. Yet none of this changed the outcome, as Mariota still tied the school record with six touchdown passes in a game.

The Oregon Ducks are now set up to compete for the BCS Championship, and it's simply due to them continuing to do what they do best — run up the score on any and everybody.