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NFL Picks, Week 9: Around the NFL we go


Ok, welcome to the light version of the weekly picks. Last week 9-5, now 67-37 on the year.

Kansas City @ San Diego: Kansas City just isn't very good at football this year, although there are similarities to the Cleveland team that just squeaked by the Chargers last week. They run the ball well, and in theory should play better defense, but that won't be enough. PICK: San Diego

MInnesota @ Seattle: Minnesota comes to town with a decent defense and a stout run game. Or in other words, they are the exact type of team Seattle needs to get this thing going in the right direction the second half of the season. The wildcard? Percy Harvin, who might be a matchup problem for the Hawks style of defense. Limit his impact, and Seattle should come out ahead. PICK: Seahawks

Denver @ Cincinnati: Denver is rolling. Bengals get this game at home, coming off the bye, but I think their losing streak goes to four. PICK: Broncos

Baltimore @ Cleveland: Baltimore's offense should come unhinged against the Brown's defense, who can't really stem the run or pass. PICK: Ravens

Arizona @ Green Bay: Remember how this was the light version of weekly picks? PICK: Packers

Chicago @ Tennessee: PICK: Chicago (although that magical train ride is coming to an end soon, methinks).

Miami @ Indianapolis: Indy likes to throw the ball, Miami can't stop the pass. MIami likes to run the ball, Indy can't stop the run. Interesting matchup. I think homefield advantage tips the scales in the Colts' favor. If Miami gets takeaways though, and controls the clock, they will get this one on the road. PICK: Colts

Carolina @ Washington: The Redskins represent a bit of an oasis for the Panthers, who have had to play Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta and the Giants over the last five games. They're better than 1-6. PICK: Panthers

Detroit @ Jacksonville: Jacksonville is bad, and maybe has the worst homefield advantage in sports, as they've scored 20 points TOTAL in three home games this year. PICK: Lions

Buffalo @ Houston: Bye bye Buffalo. PICK: Texans

Tampa Bay @ Oakland: Call me crazy, but I'm starting to see Oakland as a dangerous team, especially if you can't defend the pass. And Tampa can't. PICK: Raiders

Pittsburgh @ Giants: This is the kind of game the Giants typically get up for. Given a city ready to rally, I think Pittsburgh is really going to match NY's emotion for this game, which is a tall order. Too tall. PICK: Giants

Dallas @ Atlanta: Falcons have earned pick-them-till-they-lose status. PICK: Falcons

Philadelphia @ New Orleans: Philly is a good team, that should put up a ton of points against the most porous defense I've ever seen. But, they are a mess right now. I mean, when you're considering sitting your $100 million quarterback for Nick Foles (that's right, NICK FOLES!) you've got problems. PICK: Saints.