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Washington Huskies recruiting Los Angeles region especially well

The Washington Huskies have done a great job in recruiting the Los Angeles region, landing talented players like Keith Price.

Scott Olmos-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Washington Huskies are working their way back to respectability, as they've now posted two straight seasons over .500. Much of their resurgence has had to do with stronger recruiting of particular regions of the country, particularly Southern California. Washington has made some huge inroads in crucial areas of Los Angeles, particularly in the Southland region.

For those unfamiliar with the Southland, it's the area around the Compton, Long Beach and schools bordering along the 91, 105, 710 and 605 freeways. You have to figure that Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian (a former USC assistant coach) has a big impact in bringing in recruits from the region here.

Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times recapped a few of the big players that hail from this region. First and foremost is starting quarterback Keith Price from St. John's Bosco.

But when Washington's football team gets a break, the JetBlue gate at Long Beach Airport is jammed with Huskies returning home from Seattle.

"We're about 30 deep on that plane," starting quarterback Keith Price says, laughing. "Whenever they say 'free weekend,' those flights are booked."

Other teammates from the Los Angeles region include safety Sean Parker and Will Shamburger, as well as linebacker John Timu.