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Simulated BCS rankings, Week 7: Oregon, OSU in top 10

The initial BCS rankings of the season are just one week away, and SB Nation has projected two Pacific Northwest teams in the top 10.

Scott Olmos-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Oregon and Oregon State are both in the top 10 of the SB Nation's simulated BCS standings this week. The Ducks, unsurprisingly, are at No. 2. The Beavers landed at No. 9, three spots up from the last iteration.

The Ducks almost control their own destiny for a trip to the BCS title game, but SEC teams are always lurking and could potentially take the spot away. Samuel Chi, SB Nation's BCS guru, says Oregon is likely to make the championship if it wins out, but it is not guaranteed:

2. Oregon - Though the Ducks are the consensus No. 2 in the polls, they're on slightly shakier ground than an unbeaten SEC champion because of the common-opponent factor with the next team in line. Style points will matter for the most stylishly appareled team in college football.

The Beavers would have a much tougher time getting in to the BCS championship game, even if they were to remain undefeated. Oregon State started so far back in the polls that it is difficult for it to continue to rise without teams ahead in the rankings losing. Additionally, the Beavers are not a household name, and that could work against them, as Chi said:

9. Oregon State - Would an unbeaten Pac-12 champ be kept out of the BCS title game? It could happen if it's Oregon State. The Beavers, who started the season out of the Top 25, have made up a lot of ground. But they have neither the sizzle of West Virginia nor the mass appeal of Notre Dame. Even wins over Oregon and in the Pac-12 title game might not overcome those deficiencies.

If both these teams can keep winning, the Civil War could be as important as it ever has been. The Beavers have a lot more work to do, as they've played just four games, while Oregon has played six.

Both teams will try to keep BCS hopes alive on the road in their next game. The Beavers travel to Provo, Utah, to take on the BYU Cougars on Saturday. The Ducks have Saturday off, but travel to the 4-1 Arizona State Sun Devils on Oct. 18.