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Sounders Lose A Dumb Game In A Dumb Way To A Dumb Team; Hope Cycle Of Dumb Can Be Broken Before Playoffs

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Mike Magee's 83rd minute goal was really dumb. The opening the Sounders left Magee to take the shot was dumb. Eddie Johnson's injury on the half-hour was dumb; Jeff Parke's injury on the hour was also dumb. Seattle's inability to hit the target was dumb. Everything about this game was dumb.

There's no better way to put things, and no greater lesson to be learned. This was a dumb game, and hopefully the dumb things that were out of the Sounders control don't come back to haunt them. If they do, well, that would be dumb.There's a whole lot of dumb to go around, and most of it could have been avoided had the Sounders managed to close down Magee and keep a clean sheet. But not all of it, and perhaps not the most important parts of it.

Put simply, the volume of dumb overwhelmed the seawalls of not-dumb. And sincere congratulations to the LA Galaxy for pushing the storm surge and Real Salt Lake for floating serenely while a swell of dumb ebbed serenely offshore. Because this entire situation could have been fairly easily sidestepped, and the Sounders chose the most difficult path possible.