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NFL Picks, Week 8: A veritable cornucopia of gridiron delights

Kevin C. Cox

Week 8 is upon us and I'm fired up. I managed to pick 11 out of 13 correct last week, which I'm told is purdy good. Aaaaaannnnnddddd I'm out of things to say in the introduction.

Week 8 picks:

Tampa Bay @ Minnesota: The Vikings have become a tough home team, likely too tough for the Bucs. I expect Ponder to work some of his "who is this guy" magic. PICK: VIKINGS

Seattle @ Detroit: Interesting road game for the Seahawks to get back on track. Lions are middle of the pack against the run, but stop the pass fairly well. That bodes well for Seattle. They also don't take the ball away, like, ever. I expect Pete Carroll to recognize that, and capitalize on it by opening up the playbook quite a bit. Shootout? That'd be another first for Russell Wilson, and I'm looking forward to that possibility. PICK: SEAHAWKS!

Carolina @ Chicago: Carolina is in serious danger of falling to 1-6. Problem is, they aren't THAT bad. They're not good by any means, but should be able to manage a record more in line with their mediocre stats. I suppose an upswing could be coming, but not this week. PICK: DA BEARS

San Diego @ Cleveland: San Diego continues to have a balanced yet impotent offensive attack, which sound gross, and they're struggling to stop the pass. As losers of three of their last four, they are likely looking forward to three games against Cleveland, KC and Tampa before a tilt against the Broncos. Coming off a bye, it's now or never for them, and they have a real chance to do some damage. Cleveland simply cannot run the ball. As a team built to pound the rock, that's a problem. But, they've been tougher at home. Unfortunately for Browns fans, I think San Diego seizes the opportunity, at least for now. PICK: CHARGERS

New England @ St. Louis: The Pats have become squeakers, playing four games settled by three points or less. They are also 1-3 in those games, which is very un-Brady like. If the Rams can keep it close, they have a chance to steal one. It'll take a big game from Sam Bradford, who's been surprisingly decent since losing Amendola. Screw it, why not...PICK: RAMS

Miami @ NY Jets: Bad matchup for Jets, as Miami will run and dare you to throw it on them. Round one went to the Jets, but I think Miami has improved more this season then Rex Ryan's squad. PICK: DOLPHINS

Atlanta @ Philadelphia: This looks to be a bonanza of football delights. Two talented teams coming off byes, who should hopefully be able to take their best shots at one another. The key to this game will be Atlanta finding a way to shut down the Eagles ground efforts. I think this is a coin flip, so I'll go with the undefeated team. PICK: FALCONS

Washington @ Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh is going to throw for about 400 yards this game. They might not even suit a running back up. PICK: STEELERS

Jacksonville @ Green Bay: Analysis would be insulting to your intelligence. PICK: PACKERS

Indianapolis @ Tennessee: Andrew Luck's first road win? It's all that's standing between him and being the greatest quarterback of all time. PICK: COLTS

Oakland @ Kansas City: Oakland is ridiculously inconsistent, making them eternally hard to predict. Beat Pittsburgh? Sure! Lost by more than three touchdowns to Miami? You betcha. KC on the other hand gets this game off the bye, and is at home, but they are a mess. Brady Quinn got tore up by the Bucs, who dared him to beat them. He didn't get sacked, only got hit twice, and still was utterly ineffective. PICK: RAIDERS

NY Giants @ Dallas: Good barometer game for the Giants. They lost to Dallas in week one, and they must answer the question: Are they the team that manhandled San Francisco or needed lightning in a bottle to beat Washington? I think Dallas gets up for this one. PICK: COWBOYS

New Orleans @ Denver: The Saints are coming off two straight wins, but don't have it together enough yet to handle Denver on the road. Can't run, can't stop anything. PICK: BRONCOS