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Former Eastern Washington star Isaiah Trufant benefits from brotherly advice

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Isaiah Trufant had never covered Wes Welker before Sunday, but some sage advice from his older brother Marcus may have helped keep the Pro Bowl wide receiver at bay.


Shutting down elite wide receivers is definitely a topic of conversation at the Trufant family dinner table. Former Eastern Washington standout defensive back Isaiah Trufant started for the New York Jets on Sunday, and was faced with the task of covering wide receiver Wes Welker. While the Patriots wideout has Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and a few Pro Bowls on his side, prior to the game Isaiah looked to his secret weapon: his brother Marcus.

Just a week earlier, Welker had been dodging hits from Seattle defensive back Marcus Trufant as the Seahawksedged out the Patriots, 24-23. This experience was relayed to Isaiah in the days between games. "He just told me to be patient and that he's a real shifty guy," Isaiah told the press after the Jets were defeated, 29-26. "I'd played against the Patriots before but I'd never really been part of the defense, so it was new to me. He helped me."

The Jets' Isaiah Trufant was a two-time First-Team All-Big Sky player at Eastern Washington and has bounced around the UFL and NFL for the past seven seasons. This is his second stint with the Jets after being released in 2010. Marcus Trufant attended Washington State and made the 2007 Pro Bowl as a member of the Seahawks.