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Russell Wilson dismisses height factor as being a disadvantage

Against the San Francisco 49ers in the Bay Area this week, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will perhaps face his toughest challenge yet. Wilson said in a media conference call that getting rid of the ball quickly will be key in avoiding sacks and moving the ball against a defense known for its pass rush.

Wilson also addressed his height, downplaying his 5'11 stature as being a disadvantage:

"My height's not a factor at all. My height does not define my skill set. I try to have a high, quick release, throw the ball on time. Sometimes I may have to find a lane just like any quarterback who might be 6'2. Some of these guys are 6'7 on the other side of the ball, so sometimes you've just got to make a play and find ways to be on time with the football. You know where your guys are and where they're going – you just have to deliver the ball accurately and on time."
Wilson complimented the San Francisco defense and refused to say there was any weakness from the front seven to the defensive backs. He said he has been studying the 49ers' coverages and which situations they like to pressure the quarterback.