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Russell Wilson quiets QB controversy, for now

The Seattle Seahawks are being rewarded for their patience. They have allowed rookie quarterback Russell Wilson go through his ups-and-downs without ever showing signs of turning their back on him and handing the reins of the team to a veteran quarterback.

Wilson squashed any of that talk with his performance against the New England Patriots on Sunday, especially in the fourth quarter when he led his team to a comeback victory.

The Seattle Times' Jerry Brewer had this to say about Wilson's performance and what it should do to the naysayers.

What did 293 passing yards, three touchdowns and a 13-point comeback in the last seven minutes and 21 seconds do for Wilson? It should close the door on the weekly conversation about whether he's the right starting quarterback for the Seahawks.

The possibility of a switch at quarterback was broached after four games of erratic offensive play but Wilson has turned it around in the past two weeks with 514 total passing yards. He only threw for 594 in his first four games combined.

Don't lock the door and throw the keys into the Puget Sound just yet. Just close it. Get rid of the draft. When you examine Wilson's performance over the past two weeks, his remarkable progress shows he is rewarding the Seahawks for their patience. He's no longer the befuddled young quarterback that he was in the first four games. He's graduating from game manager to game influencer.

With a defense like the Seahawks have, if Wilson can perform close to the level he performed at on Sunday on a semi-regular basis, the Seahawks will be a team nobody wants to play come playoff time.