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Richard Sherman talks a little smack to Tom Brady following win

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Seahawks CB Richard Sherman had some choice words (and tweets) for New England Patriots QB Tom Brady following Seattle's shocking 24-23 upset of the reigning AFC champions.

Outside of this tweet, Sherman also shared an exchange between Brady and himself in his post game interview:

"I kept saying I'm going to get that next time. Every TV timeout, I went up and said it right to (Brady): ‘Please keep trying me. I'm going to take it from you.' That was when they were winning. He just gave me that look and said, ‘Oh, I'll see you after game.' Well, I made sure I saw him after the game."

Sherman went on to elaborate that Brady should have thrown five picks if his teammate Earl Thomas caught some of the ones that were thrown his way. Additionally, Sherman had a message to any member of the mass media who have been critical of their Seahawks this season:

"The Seattle Seahawks have a lot of talent. People, they don't look at the film. They don't analyze anything. That's why these analysts and commentators need to shut their mouth."

Outspoken much, Mr. Sherman?