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Seahawks players react to big win against Patriots

The Seattle Seahawks defeated the New England Patriots 24-23 on Sunday at CenturyLink Field thanks to some last-game heroics from rookie quarterback Russell Wilson. Trailing 23-10 with just over nine minutes to play in the fourth quarter, Wilson led the team on two late touchdown scoring drives to knock off perennial AFC title contender New England.

In the postgame comments, Wilson described how he handled the last-minute drive:

I think I'm almost comfortable, no matter what the situation, I think I'm just more experienced. Being in those situations, you really have to trust what you see, and you really have to be quick with your decisions, but also believe in your decisions, and just be decisive with the football. Guys made some tremendous plays here, and I think it definitely helps with that experience. Obviously, I'm a rookie, but I've played a lot of football games in my lifetime and to get little experiences and little nuggets of information from every game, that has to be your goal.

Veteran Seattle wide receiver Braylon Edwards had high praise for his rookie signal caller:

It's good to see. It's showing that he has a lot of confidence, it shows that he's not going to fold. I think that's what you look for in young guys if things don't go right. Do they fold, do they go in a shell? And he's a guy who continually fights, continually comes in and studies film and knows the opponent. He's making strides and you seen that in what he did today

Not to be overlooked was the play of the Seahawks defense, in particular the defensive backfield. Safety Earl Thomas discussed the Seattle defense's confidence level, despite facing Patriots superstar quarterback Tom Brady:

I know in my mind, and I'm pretty sure in everybody else's mind that at any moment we could make a turnover. I know at any time the ball can come our way and we can change the momentum so that that's how we look at as a defense. We're going to fight to the end.

Seattle, now 4-2 on the season, faces a huge test on Thursday when they travel to San Francisco to take on the 4-2 49ers in a prime time battle for NFC West supremacy.