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Washington vs. USC: PacificTakes previews the game

The Washington Huskies will be facing off against their third straight ranked Pac-12 foe this Saturday when the USC Trojans head up to Seattle this Saturday, and Pacific Takes has your breakdown for what to expect.

In the preview, Jack Follman shares that Husky fans should be confident about the strength of their secondary, the lesser caliber of USC's offensive line compared to past opponents and the expected crowd noise. But when it comes to things that should worry the Washington faithful, lack of quarterback pressure should be at the forefront of their minds:

"The Huskies just can't seem to get consistent pressure on quarterbacks and they may have been able to get away with it a little bit against the quarterbacks they have faced thus far in Seattle, but Matt Barkley will absolutely torch them if they can't get pressure on him. Also, the Huskies will not likely be able to generate pressure with blitzing defensive backs as they will have their hands full with (WRs Marqise) Lee and (Robert) Woods."

Follman goes on to share that he expects the Trojans to win 38-20 even though he does like the way the Huskies match up against USC. For the full look at the extensive preview before Saturday's game at 7:00 p.m. ET on FOX television, click here.