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Bill Belichick talks about the difficulty in running Patriots no-huddle offense

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The New England Patriots have emerged as a team that likes to play at a furious pace on offense. While some teams still prefer to huddle and work their way to the offensive line in a timely manner, Tom Brady and the Pats like to get the ball moving.

As head coach Bill Belichick explained this week as he prepares his team to take on the Seattle Seahawks, the no-huddle offense not only takes a toll on the opposing defense, but also the players on the offensive side of the football. Here is the latest from Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports.

"Offensively, the two big things are one, conditioning because you're running plays quicker so your cardiovascular system has to work harder because you're going faster and there is less rest in between plays. Two, you have to think quicker. You don't have much time to think about the play coming out of the huddle and getting to the line, getting set up and all that. You hear the play, you get there, you have to see the defense and make whatever communication you have, blocking calls, play adjustments or whatever it is, and then be ready to go. It just accelerates everything.

The Seahawks are averaging a little more than 17 points-per-game this season, meaning Russell Wilson and co. could be in for a long day if they fall behind early. Given the furious pace at which New England likes to play, Seattle's defense is really going to have to step up if they hope to pull out the victory. Look for plenty of substitutions from coach Pete Carroll as he looks to keep his defense fresh and energized.