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Seahawks scheme diversity will be tough, says Bill Belichick

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said that despite the Seattle Seahawks' offensive inefficiencies, they're a tough team to defend because of the play diversity.

Per The News Tribune:

"You have a lot of things to stop," Belichick said about Seattle's offense. "You've got the running game, the play-action game, the vertical game, their West Coast-passing game, their spread empty game and a running quarterback. They hit you on a lot of different fronts."

Belichick understands the situation Seattle head coach Pete Carroll is in with rookie quarterback Russell Wilson. He understands that Carroll is coaching around rough spots in the offense to take the pressure off Wilson.

The consistency in the run game thanks to Marshawn Lynch and a surprising yet savvy offensive line has opened up the possibilities.

Wilson hasn't been put in enough situations to make too many mistakes, and he's gotten help from wide receivers Sidney Rice and Golden Tate, not to mention veteran tight end Zach Miller, who is second on the team with 150 receiving yards.