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Seahawks vs. Patriots: Tom Brady looks to get 12th Man booing their own players

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As the New England Patriots prepare for their matchup with the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field, quarterback Tom Brady expressed his respect for Seattle, but noted that you can turn the 12th man on their own team if you can execute your game plan.

Brady noted the challenges that await his team in Seattle in his Tuesday press conference, but also how to turn the tables on the road.

"I think what has more to do with the crowd noise is the fact that they can really play football," said Brady. "They have a really good defense, the best one in the league - statistically, top five in almost every category. They have players and the defensive line is excellent, a very good group of linebackers and certainly the secondary, three of those guys were in the Pro Bowl. They can play defense and they get it going and offensively if we make a bunch of mistakes, I'm sure it will be very loud for us, but hopefully if we get the ball in the end zone it will quiet it down.

Brady also spoke about the us-against-the-world mentality you can have when playing away from home, but how it's different at CenturyLink than many other NFL stadiums:

But I think that's going to be our challenge."It's always nice when you take 53 guys on the road and you say, ‘This is all we've got and this is all we need and this is what we have to do.' And see 70,000 fans, if you can keep them quiet or turn them on their own team. I think that's an exciting part for road teams, is to see if you can get them booing their own players."

Kickoff is set for 1:05 p.m. PT on Sunday with coverage on the CBS Network.