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Sounders Women at a potential crossroads

Seattle would likely get a team in any new professional women's soccer league, but it may not be the Sounders Women.

Victor Decolongon - Getty Images

While Seattle is very much involved in the proposed new professional women's soccer league, the future of the current Sounders Women franchise is unknown.

U.S. Soccer is working on the development of a new women's league following the dissolution of Women's Professional Soccer in May. While there is a goal for the new league to kickoff in 2013, it's still unknown if the current Sounders Women franchise would be part of the new league, according to the Seattle Times.

Sounders Women co-owner Lane Smith said the organization is interested in joining a new league, but they may have competition. Bill Predmore is also interested in pursuing a team, which could lead to a new organization and the Sounders Women not being part of the proposed league.

Smith said it's unlikely the two ownership groups would work together. Former Sounders Women general manager Amy Carnell is now working with Predmore. The decision of which franchise would be part of the new league will be up to U.S. Soccer, who will have to decide which ownership group is awarded franchise rights.

While the future of the Sounders Women is still largely unknown, one thing is clear. Regardless of what happens with the proposed league, the Sounder Women will participate in the USL W-League next season.