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Washington Huskies Basketball: Austin Seferian-Jenkins Joins Team

The Washington Huskies are struggling to start off Pac-12 play, and are looking for a spark to get their team rolling back into prime form. Perhaps a help from a tight end (yes, a tight end) could be the spark the basketball team needs to get back on track. Percy Allen of the Seattle Times reports how Austin Seferian-Jenkins is ready to play collegiate hoops.

"I love basketball," he said. "I'm just a go-go type of person. I don't like just sitting around. I just like to go. I love both football and basketball a lot and I want to be able to play both of them if I can and I have a chance to. So I got to follow my dreams and play both."

Lorenzo Romar said the freshman standout will practice today with the team, but doesn't expect he'll play tomorrow against Seattle University.

The Huskies have a proud history of letting football players crossing over to basketball. Most notably, Nate Robinson converted over to a Washington point guard, and ended up becoming an NBA star out of the experience. It's unclear if Seferian-Jenkins will have that kind of impact in his first season in the program. He hasn't even practiced with the team. But his value could be down the line as his 6'6" 258 pound athletic frame gives Washington a valuable big body to throw against teams that try to attack the paint.

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