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VIDEO: High School Referees Need Re-Training In Flagrant Fouls

Sometimes you have to see things to beleive them.

Student Michael Christenson recently video tapped a basketball game between Connell High School and Highlands High School to illustrate the terrible officiating that they currently have in their league. What he got was five minutes of how-not to call flagrant fouls, and in some regards, how not to play the game of basketball.

Make the jump to see for yourself.

Christenson was simply trying to point out the terrible officiating and protect someone form getting hurt, not trying to villainize the students committing the fouls. But as the Tri-City Herald reports, one of the students has become quite the target within the state.

Flagrant foul no-calls Highland @ Connell 12/22/11 (via wazzumichael)

Some of these fouls would merit a automatic ejection in college or professional basketball at any level, and the fact that it goes on at the prep level is ridiculous. I hope this referee situation gets fixed as soon as possible.