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Seattle SportsCast: A Podcast About the Mariners & Seahawks. Mostly. Episode #1

Like Seattle Sports? For instance, the Seahawks, Mariners, Huskies, and some other sports too, the Cougars? Maybe? The Blazers? Sometimes. But mostly the Seahawks and Mariners? This is for you. Trust me.

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Welcome to the Seattle SportsCast. It's a podcast. That I made. On it, I'm joined by Josh Lundgren, a seasoned pop culture podcaster and trivia host, and Jacson Bevens, fellow writer at Field Gulls and former Mariners' blogger over at

This is the first episode of the Seattle SportsCast, a podcast dedicated to the Seahawks, Mariners, Huskies, some other sports, the Cougars? Maybe? The Blazers? Sometimes. The Sounders? A little? But mostly the Seahawks and Mariners, because we don't know shit about those other sports really. But, maybe we'll have experts on at some point to educate us? Or maybe we'll learn? No promises.

In episode one, we get it going with a quick little introduction - Josh and Jacson give their resume and sports preference background information, then we quickly segue into part two - our Mariners preview - a sneak peak at the projected starting lineup, talk about moves made this offseason, and some expectations for this year.

Part three is dedicated to the Seahawks - a look at the season, thoughts in general about direction, coaching staff, players, and front office, then a look at the current free agents and some potential targets in the upcoming draft.

We end by talking about the Super Bowl. Because apparently that's this weekend. And Madonna. And Bruce Springsteen. It's good. Listen to it. I love you?

Here. Don't worry, it's free.

Follow me on Twitter. Check out Jacson Bevens and Josh Lundgren on Twitter. Go to Field Gulls. Then go to Lookout Landing. Then go back to surfing the internet for porn.