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AUDIO: Chip Kelly Denies Taking Tampa Bay Bucs Job, Drops Wedding Crashers Quote With 95.3 FM The Score

Chip Kelly of the Oregon Ducks is not known for his love of the media. He's normally condescending and generally standoffish when it comes to talking about anything regarding Oregon football, because the man seems to wish he was left alone.

Well. Chip was happy to talk with the media concerning what exactly went down with the Bucs, as he talked with Steve Tannen of 95.3 FM The Score. You can listen to the audio by clicking here.

Kelly seemed to go into total spin mode when it came to the Bucs rumors, as Rob Moseley of the Eugene Register-Guard reports.

"The only decision I ever made was to not accept the job," Kelly said in his first interview since Sunday's drama. "I never changed my mind; I never committed to the job and then flip-flopped."

Kelly said the Buccaneers, who he said were "the only NFL team I've ever talked to," approached him about an interview through UO AD Rob Mullens, and that the coach was "flattered by the opportunity."

"It was nothing more than, I'd like to hear what they had to say," Kelly said.

This seems to contradict all the other reports that indicate Kelly had already accepted the job and then changed his mind. Could this be a thing with the rest of the Oregon coaching staff and players this season? Time will tell.

Also, this money quote.

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