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2012 Rose Bowl Score: Scoring Record Falls As Oregon Takes 45-38 Lead

The record for most points scored in the Rose Bowl has officially been broken by the Oregon Ducks and Wisconsin Badgers. Specificially, you can thank Ducks QB Darron Thomas and his touchdown pass to Lavasier Tuinei and Oregon's subsequent field goal by Alejandro Maldonado for making it 45-38 and 83 total points, breaking the previous record of 80.

The Washington Huskies and Iowa Hawkeyes combined for 80 points in the 1991 Rose Bowl. That record is now toast and there's still a lot of time to play.

The Ducks are starting to take control of the game in the fourth quarter.Wisconsin had two quick drives early on and their most recent drive ended on an Oregon fumble recovery with three minutes to go. The Ducks can put it away now with a score here.

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