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2012 Rose Bowl: Oregon Ducks Fans Descend On Santa Monica Pier

The Oregon Ducks have been getting pumped up for weeks about their appearance in the 98th Rose Bowl against the Wisconsin Badgers on Monday. The Oregon Ducks fans have been getting pumped up as well, turning up all over the place in Southern California to show support for their favorite team.

Aaron Fentress of The Oregonian reports that about 10,000 Oregon Ducks fans showed up at the Santa Monica Pier on Sunday afternoon to hold a pep rally. ESPN personality Neil Everett and golfer Peter Jacobson, both alumni of Oregon, were the master of ceremonies for the event, which featured the Ducks marching band and the Oregon Duck himself.

The Oregonian has a video of the event on their website.

It's certainly an impressive display to get that many fans to turn out in order to support any team, for any event. This many faithful Ducks fans turning up in Southern California just proves not only how important the Rose Bowl is to the fans, but how far the reach of the Ducks stretches.

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