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Bracketology 2012: Gonzaga Currently A No. 8 Seed In The East Region

Gonzaga sits firmly placed into the tournament and can only look up from here.

The preliminary fun heading into the NCAA Tournament is the guessing game of which teams will get in and which teams won't. SBNation recently dropped its edition of Bracketology and it currently has the Gonzaga Bulldogs sitting as a no. 8 seed in the East region.

The 8-9 games have always been toss-up games and the Zags are linked to Purdue in this edition. The no. 1 seed that would await the winner - unless an utter tragedy occurs and it falls - are the Syracuse Orange, who would more than likely be the no. 1 overall seed if the brackets came out today. Not an easy task but the Zags are perennially upset-minded and the lower their seed, the more dangerous they seem to be.

The Zags are 14-3 and don't have another tough game until they play the St. Mary's Gaels - one of the three teams to beat the Zags this season - on Feb. 9. The Zags have plenty of chances to improve their record and thus, their seeding in the tournament.