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Seattle Seahawks News: After Years Of Uncertainty, Hawks Have Receiving Options

After multiple seasons of uncertainty and lack of production, it appears the Seattle Seahawks finally have depth and talent at the wide receiver and tight end positions. From Sidney Rice to Mike Williams to Zach Miller, the 'Hawks have assembled a unit of players that are both capable of catching the ball and then turning it up the field for big gains.

As Danny O'Neil of The Seattle Times explains, Seattle has a fine mess of depth this season:

The uncertainty in Seattle's passing game was a problem to begin last season. There was a serious question whether Seattle had enough capable receivers.

This season, the uncertainty is a sign of progress. Just try figuring out how Seattle will distribute the ball among Sidney Rice, Mike Williams and Zach Miller.

While the talent is there, what do the players think about the bevy of options in the passing game?

"You can only imagine how a defense is going to look at it," Miller said.

"It's something that's obviously going to play out here," the tight end said of interweaving players from different teams this off-season, "But it's a good thing to have those kind of problems, because you want guys that want the ball. You want guys that are productive guys, because it just means your offense is that much better."

"If everyone poses a threat, then that just helps everyone else," Mike Williams said.

For as much controversy and uncertainty that has surrounded the quarterback position in training camp, perhaps the fans and media would be better off analyzing the amount of talent and depth that the QB will have at his disposal.

Will all of the talent and potential live up to the billing once the games start? Or will it be more of the same in Seattle this season? Fortunately, week one is just a few days away before fans will get to see their new and improved offense up close.

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