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Oregon Athletic Department Confirms Tennessee Game Still On

The Oregon Ducks were apparently getting left with no returning game with the Tennessee Volunteers; head coach Chip Kelly indicated that UT was backing out and moving onto other opponents. Tennessee was like, "Huh? What y'all be talking about here?" and were adamant that no cancellation of the game was forthcoming. Now the Oregon Athletic Department confirms to Rob Moseley of the Eugene Register-Guard that their head coach was mistaken, and this all saga is pretty much concluded.

This has to be mildly embarrassing for Chip Kelly. The Oregon head coach is coming off two straight losses to the best the SEC has to offer, he's had to deal with a growing swirl of offseason controversy, and now he's losing credibility in the media world too! Not the best of days here.

(Oh who are we kidding. Chip Kelly doesn't care one bit about any of this. He was just earning himself master troll status, and he won himself a shiny new club for his efforts. I wonder if he plays World of Warcraft...)

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