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Tennessee Will Play At Oregon In 2013, Says Everyone In Tennessee

Chip Kelly told Rob Moseley of the Eugene Register Guard that the Tennessee Volunteers were backing away from their road date with the Oregon Ducks. Tennessee football is offering a totally different spin on this story, saying they are committed to playing the Ducks in two seasons in Eugene.

Contrary to reports, our head coach and team expect to make the trip to Oregon in '13 unless they cancel.

Someone's not telling the truth here. DRAW THE LINES OF BATTLE.

It's hard to get a read on who's telling the truth. Is Tennessee trying to mitigate the outrage from their fans at losing this game? Or is Chip Kelly pulling Moseley's leg when it comes to Oregon not playing Tennessee? Kelly did say that Oregon is holding an open invite to any big-time team to come play the Ducks in Autzen, and they'll be welcome to return the favor with a road date. So it appears Kelly truly believes there'll be no Vols in his future.

UPDATE: Also, the Oregon Athletic Department believes Kelly could've been mistaken. Well, looks like we're back on! Probably.

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